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An award-winning filmmaker and Grammy-winning director from Los Angeles, has garnered over 1 billion views on YouTube and achieved multiple platinum records. His 2023 video, "Favorite Song" by Toosii, claimed the #1 spot for most streamed on VEVO. Known for his keen eye and passion for storytelling, Damien is a visionary director pushing boundaries in the entertainment industry. Despite humble beginnings in Oakland, California, he self-taught his craft through trial and error, gaining expertise from countless YouTube videos. Damien's unique perspective attracted attention, leading him to direct projects for major brands and artists like Chris Brown, Adidas, Wiz Khalifa, and more. His reputation lies in bringing complex stories to life, praised for originality and technical skill. Despite success, Damien remains grounded, continuously improving and expanding the possibilities of filmmaking. With his talent and dedication, Damien Sandoval stands as one of the most exciting and innovative filmmakers of his generation, with a rising star in each new project he undertakes.

Damien Sandoval

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