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Peech & Xedrin release a new collaborative single "Heavy Jacket"

Thank you for listening, this song is beyond important to me. This is my story

and I’m thankful to be able to tell it, and I’m even more thankful for anyone

who listens.


Julian “Xedrin” Graef

Heavy Jacket brings artists Xedrin and Peech. together for the first time on their first releases for the new year. The song (originally recorded in May of 2022) tells a story of the toll and chokehold that substance abuse can have on a relationship, speaking from the point of view of someone in complete denial of the issue attempting to mask up; but slowly coming to realize it’s their actions that are the issue – and the self-hatred that comes from the inability to change.

After posting the first couple snippets of the song to TikTok in June of 2022 the track quickly garnered the attention of both listeners and industry-heads alike. The two artists took a step back realizing the potential impact of the release and planned accordingly. Now almost 8 months after the initial snippet after much begging and anticipation from fans; Heavy Jacket was released on January 27th, 2023 to all major platforms.


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