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Desiigner Releases new music video - "Bigger & Bigger"

Rapper Desiigner has released his brand new single “Bigger And Bigger”. The video, which was directed by Daniel CZ, produced by Notion and a Happy I'm Sad Production, is an ode to the hustle and ambition of young people trying to make it big in the world. It's a reminder that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible. With its upbeat energy and catchy chorus, Designer's "Bigger And Bigger" is sure to be a summer anthem for those chasing their dreams. "Bigger and Bigger," is a hard-hitting rap song that speaks to the struggles of making it in the music industry. The single was released through Riveting Entertainment, and the accompanying video features dirtbikes, a bus stop on fire, and some more visual elements from Desiigner's hometown of Brooklyn. The song is about overcoming obstacles and rising to greater heights despite adversity. Desiigner raps about his journey from being unknown to becoming an international superstar. The video also showcases some of his friends and family who have helped him along the way. It's an inspiring story that will motivate listeners to strive for their dreams no matter what life throws at them.


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