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Chase Henny releases “Lost in the City”

Chase Henny shares his new single “Lost in the City” marking an end to the haetius the artist took during most of 2022. With not much noise from Henny this year he couldn’t have came with a better single to break the silence. The instrumentation provides a sense of lightness and tones that connect to the holiday season. The energy of the track allows for a demeanor that has romantic and sexy vibes. Fused with Henny's striking vocal timbre and the melancholy of the guitar riff this record screams late-night drives, hopeless romance, and getting lost in the city.

The Seattle based recording artist released singles such as “No Feelings” with Jay Park and “Damaged” with Cha Cha Malone in 2021. Although, it’s refreshing to receive a record from Chase Henny that features only himself on the vocals of the track. “Lost in the City” was produced by Alvin Ryze and recorded at Lost Boys Studios with mixing engineer Milo Eubank.

Previously Henny was signed to Odd Dream Republic, a label founded by recording artist Johnny Rain. Although, it looks like that partnership has terminated as the artist is now independent once again. This single marks Chase Henny’s first release with AWAL / Sony Music Entertainment acting as his distributor. “Lost in the City” is just the start for Chase Henny as he will definitely be an artist to keep your eyes on in the New Year.


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